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About Kin Folk Tv

Jesse Graham, Born Trenton New Jersey Grew up in Rural Northeast Georgia. Jesse Began singing in the church choir at an early age. his first break came when Jesse was selected to write a Jingle for U Can Rent, the national rent to own company now known as Rent A Center. Jesse Recieved the RAE award for best TV commercial, and gained fans from the musical Trax. Jesse continued singing with political jingles for such notables as Presidential cadidate Paul Psongas-Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond. this lead to Jesse Getting signed to Blues independant pioneer Ichiban Records, which produced the blues anthem, “MR.Mailman,” Jodi, Lovers before friends, Love Talk, Same Place Same Time, and others, This lead to Jesse performing with his band all over the world, Jesse has written for some of today’s hottest groups and artist and has written songs for daytime television today. Jesse loves to perform and always give his all when forward Jesse now lives in Southern California and is performing at venues and clubs everywhere. and has performed with B.B King, Denise Lassalle, Marvin Sease, Johnny Taylor,Tyrone Davis, Bobby Blue Bland and many others.

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